Race Car Replicas (RCR) and its sister company Superlite Cars are the leading manufacturer of a wide range of premium-quality component cars. RCR is primarily focused on building replicas of iconic vintage race cars, mostly from the ’60s. Superlite generally produces original designs, like the SL-C, GT-R, Nemesis, Moab and Aero. If you visit the factory, you’ll see both vintage cars like the RCR40 and the RCR917 being produced alongside the SL-C, GT-R and Aero. In business since 2003, we've delivered hundreds of cars to satisfied customers all over the globe.

Superlite Cars & Race Car Replicas | 31795 Groesbeck Hwy. | Fraser, MI 48026 | 586-329-1573 | www.superlitecars.com