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SL-C and Apex Getting Martinized

Martin Motorsports works on 2 project SL-Cs

Ralph Martin of Martin Motorsports has a few promising project cars in the works. Two of them are SL-Cs from Superlite Cars, one with a GM LS3 and the other with a GM LS7 engine. The latter is mated to a Ricardo transaxle with a Ford GT sport shifter a Cable Shift cables and custom brackets by Martin. He says this car, with the built LS7, should top out around 245 mph and reach 60 in about 2.9 secs.

Another Superlite vehicle is the Apex, based on a ’97 Eclipse center section with subframes added front and rear. It’s powered by a GM LS3 with a Porsche G96 transaxle. It also includes a Flaming River rack and pinion, special coil-over shocks with Corvette C5 front and rear suspension and brakes.

Martin Motorsports specializes in building custom component vehicles for the serious component car enthusiast.

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