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New Le Mans Version of RCR’s SL-C

New LeMans Version of RCR’s SLC

Other than the bodywork, RCR’s new open-air LeMans has the same proven chassis as the SLC, an aluminum hybrid monocoque chassis with CNC billet suspension. (In fact, we hear that one builder bought both coupe and Barchetta bodies so he can swap from one to the other when the sun- and his fancy- hits him.)

The car shown here runs a stock, 430hp LS3 engine with LS7 exhaust manifolds, a custom exhaust, Porsche transaxle, the standard roll bar, and one of the standard wheel choices. Available on either the SLC or LeMans are Forgestar F14 (shown here), plus the CF5 or the new CF5S wheels at no extra cost. This car also has the new interior tub option that is available in fiberglass or in carbon fiber. The tub was modified for the topless LeMans, as the roof structure and roll cage are different.

In addition, the LeMans has doors that open differently, a cut-down windshield, and different rear bodywork that has double-bubble vent system to exhaust engine-compartment air more efficiently.

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