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Off-Road Runner

Race Car Replica RCR HT2

Trucks have generally been only a small segment of the kit market, and off-road rigs less so. But Fran Hall of Race Car Replicas is out to change out all that with his new RCR HT2 in the works. Drawing on his expertise with an impressive array of racey replicas and unique high-performance designs, this trophy-style truck is designed to have a 120" wheelbase and measure 80" wide. For handling rugged terrain, the aluminum monocoque and tubular chassis boasts 16" wheel travel and a 4-wheel independent, 2" DOM suspension arms with full rod ends. The 2WD mid-engine setup uses either Corvette C5 or C6 drivetrain. Other features include Tilton pedals with brake bias, quick-disconnect steering wheel, a full 2" tubular roll-cage structure, and spare wheel mount. While the HT2 is intended for offroading, with quick-disconnect swaybars to maximize articulation on rough grades, a street-legal version is planned as well.

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