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RCR’s New Projects

RCR’s Projects

It never ceases to amaze us how many different replicas and original designs come out of Fran Hall’s productive shops. As head of RCR (Race Car Replicas), and also Superlite Cars, he regularly announces a variety of project cars.

The latest ones include a Jaguar D-Type replica with a TIG-welded monocoque chassis and, following the original’s setup, an independent front suspension and a live-axle rearend. It’s designed for a six-cylinder Jaguar engine backed by a T5 manual transmission. Wheels are 16s, and the body is available either with or without the tail (as seen on the XKSS), and a Sebring-style headrest.

Also rolling out is a replica of the ’51 Aston Martin DB3S, offered in either a fiberglass or aluminum body. The suspension is a period-correct trunnion-style suspension, and either a four or six-cylinder engine, mated to either a four- or five-speed transmission.

Last but not least is a Steinard Formula Libre, a replica of an old-school F5000 open-wheel track/racecar (albeit not currently vintage eligible). The TIG-welded tube-frame chassis is suspended by CNC-machined uprights. With a 400hp LS engine and six-speed transaxle in a 1212-pound package, this car sounds like a rolling cruise missile! 

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