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RCR Expands Lineup

Besides repros of classic competition cars, Race Car Replicas has been busy developing a line of innovative designs. These include the Nemesis tandem two-seater, powered by a VW 1.8L turbo (diesel optional); the Moab off-road truck, powered by an LS-series V8 (other V8s optional); the GT-R with an aluminum semi-monocoque chassis and either Ford or Chevy longitudinal drivetrains; a GT40 Mark IV (the only replica of this model available anywhere, RCR claims), GT40 (both Mk I and Mk II), and the Apex (based on a Mitsubishi Gen-2 Eclipse, powered by a VW engine). Also under construction are replicas of the Jaguar D-type and the exotic mid-engine XJ13.

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