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Tracking parts made easier

Anyone who has ever built a project car knows that the devil’s in the details. Figuring out the right parts and specs for the multitude of items that go into a car can be a real headache. Rather than stuffing folders with paperwork and catalogs, a new service called Partskeeper just might make your search quicker and simpler.

The service was developed by tech entrepreneur Doug Wheeler, a Cobra owner and enthusiast who knows firsthand the challenges of building a car. He launched his platform specifically for do-it-yourself car enthusiasts to easily manage, track, and share auto parts information and parts specs as well as save money on parts for their classic, collector, and modified vehicles.

“The inspiration for Partskeeper came from wrenching on my Shelby Cobra,” Doug notes. “Nothing is ‘standard’ on a Cobra — they are mashups of Ford and British parts. I got tired of wasting time searching for part numbers, looking up torque specs and comparing prices across sites. I looked for an app to help manage this info and was surprised that none existed. So I created Partskeeper.”

Much of the data is derived from a SEMA coop of aftermarket companies, so at this early stage, the majority of parts (more than 3.1 million listed) are for later-model production cars. But Wheeler is working on expanding the database to include replica-specific items, along with shops that work on them.

Vehicle Profile Zoomed In

He also has a community resource section for feature vehicles and the parts used on them. While still in its initial phase with only a handful of vehicles listed, it nonetheless holds out the opportunity for replica owners to post their parts info online to help others with similar projects. It enables enthusiasts to share fully detailed car profiles with each other, potentially a huge timesaver that eliminates the need for dozens of back-and-forth posts on a car forum. DIY mechanics can also use the service to track maintenance services.

The service is free to users and is monetized by revenue sharing with auto parts retailers when parts are purchased using affiliate links. So check out Partskeeper. You might find what you’re looking for with just a couple quick clicks, and you can also show other enthusiasts what you’re working on. 



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