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Touch-Screen Control

Titan Power Management Module

Having a touch-screen display from which you can control an entire car is now at the reach of every kit car builder. Called the Titan Power Management Module (PMM), it also includes voice-activated navigation, smart phone sync capability, and race track maps.

RVDTech has created this solid-state power distribution module especially targeted at kit car builders and specialist vehicle fabricators. The Titan PMM is a microprocessor-based unit that connects and manages the vehicle’s entire electrical system in one compact unit, completely eliminating old relays and fuses. It also incorporates features normally reserved for production vehicles such as one-touch starting, automatic lights, auto-cancelling turn signals and keyless entry.

The real cool stuff starts when you connect computer tablet to the TITAN’s USB port. This setup offers fabricators the opportunity to install a touch-screen display in the vehicle dash or center console. It can then not only control the electrical system, but also incorporates the latest in-car technology such as GPS navigation, virtual dashboard, media player, smart phone hands free, rear-facing camera and much more. Car builders will be able to brand the screen to display their name, logo and the vehicle model and name etc. 

RVDTech is also developing a new interface unit that connects to the tablet which incorporates a high speed GPS receiver, gyroscope, accelerometer, Bluetooth and OBDII connection all in one unit which enables the company to offer a range of performance in-car Apps. The Pro Race Package will come preloaded with maps of every race track in North America and offer a GPS sector lap timer, G-loads, full data logging and video synchronization. This software will be a game changer, offering Formula 1 style telemetry at an entry level price.

If you are using a stock ECU in the build, the system can connect directly to the OBDII output and display a full virtual dashboard including speed, rev counter, battery, water temp, oil pressure etc. This connection can also be used as a tuning tool as most ECU’s can also display throttle position, airflow rate, intake air temp, spark advance, torque loads and more.       

The TITAN PMM also makes wiring much more simple for kit car builders. Simply install the programming software on any PC, plug the TITAN into a USB port and run the easy to use software. RVDTech will also supply a complete wiring loom ready to lay into your build and connect. The TITAN PMM basic kit retails of $1,295 and discounts are offered to fabricators and kit car builders. 

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