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						Gte Master Pry Led
Gaining Leverage

General Technician Equipment-MasterPry LED

Need to pry into things better? General Technician Equipment (GTE) has introduced MasterPry LED, a tool set for car builders of all types. Consisting of just two tools, it’s designed to accomplish more than competing kits containing up to 25 pieces. And it’s said to be the first and only pry tool to come standard with an onboard, super-bright, LED light to illuminate the repair area. This set is engineered to provide maximum efficiency while maintaining high levels of care when disassembling fragile and easy-to-scratch panels, covers and consoles. Applications include interiors, exteriors, dashboards, tail lamps, bumpers, mirrors, center consoles, headliners, door panels, body kits and trunks.

Additional features of MasterPry LED include precision edges for scraping and tight panel separation, wedged tips, ergonomic Easy-Grip body, no-slip knurled finish and military-spec, advanced polymer plastic. 

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