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						Mini Ductor
Mini-Ductor Induction Heater

Handheld induction heater

By Dean Larson

The Mini-Ductor Venom from Induction Innovations is designed to provide flameless heat to electronically conductive metals. The hand-held induction heater uses high-frequency magnetic fields to heat ferrous, and some nonferrous, metal objects, releasing them from corrosion, adhesives and thread-lock compounds. Significantly faster than an open-flame torch, the Mini-Ductor is able to heat a 3/4-inch nut to red hot in 15 seconds. Each flexible coil insert can last up to 300 uses and will not damage nearby nonconductive materials like rubber or plastic parts. The induction heater is ideal for suspension components, flywheel bolts, brake line fittings, exhaust hardware and other corroded or stuck fasteners. The unit has also been used to remove graphics and sound deadeners with the optional mini-pad attachment and even aid in dent repair.

The new Mini-Ductor Venom has been improved in several ways over the original Mini-Ductor II. The new angled design with trigger has improved ergonomics for hard-to-reach places and the Coil Twist Lock function simplifies the installation and removal of coils. An LED usage light has been added, which displays green under normal operation and red under fault conditions. If a fault condition occurs, a fault override delay function has also been added that starts a three-second lock out. The internal fan has also been improved to reduce thermal cycle time and a user-controlled switch for the LED work light has been added. The Mini-Ductor Venom and Mini-Ductor II are available in 110- and 220-volt versions.

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