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						Craftsman Tool Chest 1
The Cadillac of Craftsman Tool Storage

Craftsman Pro Series Tool Cart

They say pictures don’t lie. On the other hand, they don’t always do justice either. At least to this new Craftsman Pro Series Connected Tool Storage unit. Even if you’re not a tradesman, it’s the ultimate rollaway for anybody building a project car.

Space doesn’t permit covering all of its features, but here are a few highlights, which we were able to check out firsthand at the SEMA Show. An exclusive Bluetooth Connected Smart Lock technology allows users to automatically unlock and lock the unit with a smartphone, so you don’t have to worry about lost and forgotten keys. You can also give remote access to friends, family and co-workers, and also monitor it to see if the unit has been tampered with.

Other appealing and practical features of this professional-grade toolbox include integrated power outlets in the chest and cabinet, and two USB ports to charge tools, phones or plug-in battery right on site. This toolbox also comes equipped with drawer liners to protect stored items and a top mat in both the chest and cabinet to protect the storage surface. Gas struts hold the chest cover in the open position, and a Griplatch Drawer Retention System provides a positive latch for each drawer. Several different sizes are available, ranging from 26 to 52 inches wide.

All told, it’s one impressive piece of equipment for keeping all your hand tools organized and electrical tools energized, and close at hand while working on your project car.

Craftsman Tool Chest 2
Craftsman Tool Chest 1

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