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						Stangnant Sl C 3
Stagnant Superlite SL-C

Stalled Superlite SL-C build on eBay

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, eBay

We’ve all found ourselves in situations where we’ve bitten off a bit more than we could chew and had to deal with the consequences — be it chocking physically, or even financially. The latter occurrence happens all too often in our hobby, as life gets in the way, or the magnitude of a project causes progress to fizzle out. It’s really a shame, but where one dream stalls, another has the chance to take flight. And that’s the positive light to shed on the subject, taking this Superlite SL-C on eBay for example, selling for roughly 50 percent of the seller’s original investment.

At a base price of $48,800, Superlite’s SL-C is not a cheap car, but it is a pretty amazing value when you consider the possibilities. With trick billet aluminum suspension components, a lightweight aluminum monocoque chassis and track-legal configurations available, the SL-C is truly a high-tech race car you can build at home — provided you have the requisite skillset. And that skillset needs to be a bit more diverse than most, as Superlites do often require more work than other kits on the market.

This SL-C build seems to have fizzled out fairly early on, with just some initial assembly work done. Whatever the cause, it takes a pair of rose-colored glasses to see the possibilities here, and for a select few, the price tag may provide just the right tint.

The seller claims to have over $65,000 invested in the project, and I don’t think he’s bluffing. The SL-C starts at $48,800, and there’s another $6,000 worth of options that we can see. That’s roughly $55,000, and then there’s the little things, delivery and other options the seller may not have listed, so I don’t think that number is out of the question. But given the state of the project and the unknowns you encounter taking on someone’s build, the seller is willing to cut the Superlite loose for $32,500. But that’s just the “Buy it Now” price, suggesting you may get a better deal by bidding patiently.

It goes without saying that these cars can sell for $80,000 to $100,000 when finished correctly, but you’ll definitely be spending some significant coin to get it there. There are some nice extras included in the seller’s photos, like a track-legal fuel cell and some sound deadening, but there’s no mention of a transaxle or engine — two pricey components.

Luckily the seller has included his phone number, so you could call and get the real scoop before you buy.

Check out the SL-C here on eBay.

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