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Superlite SL-C for $150,000; Yay, or Nay?

Superlite SL-C For Sale with ERL Superdeck LS

$150,000 goes a long way in the replica and continuation car market. Heck $150,000 goes a long way in any car market. With well-done historic replicas available for half this amount, we have to ask, "Is this Superlite SL-C worth 150 grand?

There is no doubt the SL-C is a serious performer. With a typical completed weight of 2,400 pounds, billet push-rod suspension and a plethora of optional carbon-fiber parts, the SL-C splits the border between component car and racecar.

If the SL-C’s specs don’t say enough, its track record does. Superlite’s 2011 race season was very successful; the SL-C set lap records at every track on its way to winning the 2011 NASA Super Unlimited class national championship. The Superlite team also captured the pole position for every race, won both qualifying races and nearly lapped the entire class in the final national championship race. That's impressive for a car you can build in your garage with hand tools for around $65,000. (If you were wondering, every part on their racecar is standard or optional equipment that you can buy for your very own SL-C.)

The SL-C available here on eBay is truly exceptional. The seller states the car took four years to build, and has only logged 90 miles since completion. The exterior wears House of Kolors Kandy Apple Red with a pricey set of HRE aluminum wheels. This one is finished with the street-style tail. On the inside you’ll find a custom carbon-fiber interior finished with Porsche leather and Alcantara. 

The all-out theme of this build continues with the power plant. An ERL Superdeck block (an LS block with a stronger deck, main bearing caps and cylinder sleeves) with a dry sump system and 11.2:1 compression ratio makes 684 hp to the wheels through a Ricardo transaxle. The owner reports that the engine makes smooth linear power up to 7000 rpm and is perfectly at home on the street.

Determining the value of this (or any) SL-C is not straightforward. Superlite states that SL-C usually costs a builder $65,000 to complete, but an all-out build could break $100,000. This example definitely fits the bill for all-out, so the seller probably has at least 100k invested... without labor. Is the extra $50,000 worth it to have an essentially new completed SL-C with no wait?

Whether or not this car makes sense from a buy versus build perspective is for the buyer to decide, but there’s no doubt we’re fans of this SL-C! So yay or nay? Let us know what you think in the comments.

- Dean Larson

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