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						Storage Unit Kellison 1

Storage Unit Kellison

By Dean Larson

We’re surprised at the amount of Kellisons that have come up for sale in the past couple months. With spring-cleaning in full effect, we're all for projects find new owners who will hopefully finish them. This Kellison comes to us from Eugene, Oregon Craigslist and appears to be a project that’s gone stagnant and been relegated to a storage unit.

Sold by the Allied Fiberglass Company, under the Astra name, the X-300 GT was designed to be the “most grown up” of the Kellison cars. The successful J-4 Coupe was made more practical with a higher roofline for increased interior space, a sort of J-4 2+2. The X-300 GT was offered with a few extras in the name of practicality, including complete roll-up window mechanisms and Corvette-style door hinges designed specifically for fiberglass. An aggressive hood bulge accommodated more engine options and the vents on the front quarter-panels relieved hot air from the engine compartment. The X-300 was one the most successful of Kellison’s designs with an estimated production of 500 examples.

Storage Unit Kellison 2

This X-300 GT is, quite literally, fresh from storage and is in exceptional condition. All the fiberglass is present and looks to be in great shape minus a few bumps and bruises and one crack on the driver’s front quarter. It rides on an original Astra chassis with early Corvette front and rear suspension. A Pontiac small block 350 and Turbo-400 transmission is included in the deal, but we'd probably spring for a four speed instead. The car also comes with a clean title and the original Astra build manual and documentation, rare commodities with projects like this one.

The X-300 does have a handful of negatives to consider. While the body is complete down to the trim and exterior lights, it does appear to be lacking all the glass. The wheels and tires on the Astra have definitely been sourced from a truck, and while it almost has a budget Local Motors Rally Fighter look, we’d choose some Rocket Racing wheels instead. Lastly, we think this X-300 is a little pricey at $11,500.

Is the X-300 GT worth the steep price or will this owner keep on racking up the rental fees? Let us know in the comments below. 

Storage Unit Kellison 1

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