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						Superlite Aero
Superlite Aero

Superlite Cars Aero

Superlite Cars unveiled the new Aero mid-engine race car at the 2016 PRI Show in Indianapolis. Developed to race in power-to-weight classes such as the NASA Super Touring Series, the Aero weighs just 1,800 pounds in race trim. A TIG-welded steel tube frame (FIA-, NASA- and SCCA-legal) is covered in fiberglass bodywork, which has been optimized for ideal aerodynamic characteristics. Propelling the Aero is a 6.2-liter LS3 V8 supplied by Katech Performance and a Graziano six-speed transaxle in mid-engine, rear-drive format. The finished Aero achieves a 48 percent front, 52 percent rear weight distribution. The Aero is available in just a single turnkey configuration with no options for $69,995.

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