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Superlite Billet Shifter Assembly

Superlite Cars gated shifter for Graziano transaxles

Photos courtesy of Superlite Cars

Having trouble sorting out the gearshift on your Superlite SL-C or GT-R? A new billet assembly direct from Superlite may be just what the doctor (manufacturer) ordered.

Our friends at Superlite cars have a nice system worked out for sourcing a transaxle for the SL-C and GT-R. When ordered with a kit, Superlite will provide an Audi R8 Graziano transaxle at a discount, and they have the accessories to make it work in your application. However, many builders opt to use factory Audi R8 gated shifters, over the stock Cable Shift unit provided with the transaxle. While it has a nice look and feel, the unit is difficult to install and costly to source.

Superlite Shifter1

Superlite’s new billet shifter assembly features the same geometry as the OEM unit, but in a more compact package for easier installation. The CNC-machined billet unit is a very attractive and modern design with pronounced shifting gates for a nostalgic feel and accurate shifting.

Perspective buyers should go to the Superlite Cars website for more information, but be prepared to wait in line for a couple weeks. Superlite states that the unit is very machine-intensive to manufacture, and that's no joke by the look of it. 

If anyone would like to send me one of these as the ultimate desk ornament/stress reliever, please respond in the comments below.  

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