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Revology Unveils 460 hp Gen 3 Coyote-Powered GT350

Revology Cars installs new Gen 3 Coyote engine in Mustang recreations

Photos courtesy of Revology Cars

Orlando, Florida, based Revology Cars has updated its lineup of recreated ’60s era Mustangs with increased power from the latest Ford Coyote V8 engine. The new Gen 3 Coyote 5.0-liter (2018 and up) boasts several technological improvements and increased displacement, netting 460 hp and 420 lb-ft. Revology has debuted the engine as standard in its recreated Shelby GT350 and GT350H models.

The company has embraced all iterations of the quad-cam, 32-valve Coyote 5.0, but says it’s heavily invested in the Gen 3, having purchased 20-percent of Ford’s initial run of Gen 3 crate engines for current and future builds.

“The Coyote engine is one of the best performance engines ever made,” says Tom Scarpello, CEO and founder of Revology Cars. “Prodigious power, amazing sound track, completely refined and totally reliable. With 460 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque on tap, the Gen 3 takes it to a new level. For us, there was no question which engine to choose.”

On Ford’s end, it took quite a bit of work to bump the Gen 3’s output 20 numbers or so in horsepower and torque. First of all, the bore specification was increased from 92.2 mm to 93 mm, thanks to a fresh cylinder liner design. The increased bore spec brings the total displacement up from 4,951 cc, to 5,035 cc, and allows for larger valves in the cylinder head. Finally, the Gen 3 also features a revised fuel injection system that incorporates high-pressure direct injection in conjunction with low-pressure port injection. The new mill is capable of spinning to 7,500 rpm, and boasts an improved 12.0:1 compression ratio.

To accommodate the Gen 3 engine in its classic Mustangs, Revology revised its fuel system and air intake, as well as developing new PCM calibrations. In adopting the new technology, Scarpello states that customers will have noticeably improved performance, and more options as far as servicing their Mustang as well.

“A technician familiar with late model Ford powertrains will find the Revology Mustang immediately familiar,” says Scarpello. “Even our wiring harness uses the same component color codes as the Ford harness.”

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