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						Ringbrothers Espionage A3
Spy Gear

Ringbrother's Espionage Mustang

By Steve Temple - Photos by Ted7

While stealth aircraft use carbon fiber to minimize their radar signature, it also has an application in car bodies, to not only reduce weight, but also create an innovative shape and look. For example, let’s apply a magnifying glass to the Ringbrothers’, Jim and Mike Ring’s, Espionage. No, it’s not the undercover type of endeavor, but a ’65 Mustang Fastback.

Arguably one of their most ambitious and challenging projects ever, this Bond-worthy car is not the first time they’ve used this material on their builds, as many have incorporated it to some degree. Their 1966 “Recoil” Chevelle used carbon fiber extensively, both functionally and aesthetically.

Ringbrothers’ familiarity with the exotic material proved to be just the beginning of what has become a master class on carbon. The Rings didn’t just make a “carbon copy” of a ‘65 Fastback, though. They took its iconic shape and widened it 2 inches on each side, along with crafting countless other detailed tweaks to make the car unique.

Doing so involved adding a number of custom-fabricated components. Mike and Jim design and manufacture some of the most detailed billet interior and exterior parts that money can buy, beautifully designed with architectural lines and incredible craftsmanship, all made in the U.S.

Each piece of automotive jewelry that leaves the facility gives buyers an opportunity to make their very own Ringbrothers-inspired car that truly stands apart.

Components include a variety of billet items, such as the shifter knob and bezel, round hood pins, clutch reservoirs, gas cap, hood adjusters, and modular valve covers. Additional items of note are Pro Touring door handles and window cranks, plus a universal turn indicator and pedal assembly. These precise details add up to make the car special, like Bond’s attaché case and other spy gear seen in the classic From Russia With Love.

A skilled agent like Espionage deserves some heavy firepower under the hood, so the engine lab at Wegner Motorsports worked up a 427-cubic-inch LS7 with a massive Whipple supercharger. Pull the trigger on this high-caliber street weapon, and the kickback is extreme from 959 fearsome horses and 858 ft-lbs of twist. Funneling this flood of power aft is a six-speed Tremec T56 transmission hooked up to a custom driveshaft and a Ford 9-inch rear end. Expelling exhaust are headers with 2-inch primaries, designed and built by Ringbrothers, which then run into a fully custom exhaust system with Flowmaster Super 44 Mufflers.

Bringing the car to a clenching halt are Baer brakes, with 14-inch discs and 6S calipers at each corner. Espionage rolls on HRE forged wheels wrapped in Nitto Invo tires sized 295/35/18ZR on the front and 345/30/19ZR on the rear.

Like any good undercover operative, the carbon-fiber bodywork goes incognito, concealed by layers of custom BASF Glasurit 90-Line Waterborne paint. Aptly named “Spy Green,” the color is subtle and full of intrigue. Just what you’d expect from an international machine of mystery!

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