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						Factory Five Type 65 Coupe 1
Classic Yet Contemporary Connection

Factory Five Type 65 coupe

By Steve Temple

Photos By Dan Burrill

Built as a dedicated track car, this Factory Five Type 65 coupe also serves as a test bed for an 8-stack fuel-injection system on a Ford Coyote crate engine. Scott Merrell purchased the car and completely rebuilt it. He was instrumental in developing the plug-and-play wiring harness that makes this system work in all Ford-powered kit cars, race cars, and custom hot rods, street rods and pickups.

“By installing the new 8-Stack fuel injection system, we have increased the horsepower rating, with no internal changes to the engine, from Ford’s advertised 410 hp to our verified 438 hp,” Merrell says. The whole concept behind this was to build a 21st-century technology engine with 1965 looks, and do it with a computer system that is plug-and-play. And the big deal is that there is no after-install tuning.

The only way that this concept could be utilized was by having a consistent engine supply with a consistent base, with no internal modifications. So the Ford coyote engine was the optimum choice, not only because of its newer technology, but also because Ford Motor Company came out and said that that it was going be their performance-based engine for the next 10 years. And it also is going to be their production motor for Ford’s Mustangs and light trucks.

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