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						Active Power Coyote Transaxle

Transaxle for Coyote Engine

With the availability of the Porsche G50 transaxle drying up, there’s clearly a need for alternatives. Porsche has been using the Aisin transaxle in its cars now in recent years, and the wrecking yards are full of them, notes Chris Ardern of Active Power. He feels this transmission will be the choice of the mid-engine crowd for years to come.

“We take the rear engine transaxle and flip it,” he explains. “This accomplishes two things: The rear engine configuration now works as a mid-engine setup without opening up the gearbox, and we automatically get the axle angles where they need to be for the low GT cars.”

The 997 Porsche Aisin box is also a cable shift design right from the factory so converting to cable shift is no longer required. “It's win-win all the way around,” he adds.

The other point is the Ford Coyote crate engine. He feels that when building a traditional engine, it can be a challenge to get as much performance that comes standard right from the factory in these modern high-performance crate engine programs. “The Coyote is exceptional—steel crank, steel rods, superior oiling and four valves per cylinder. It’s really hard to beat it.” Ardern is working with Kennedy Engineered Products to develop the adapter to mate the Porsche 997 Aisin Transaxle to the Ford Coyote as part of our Coyote engine kit, also included in the Coyote option are 180-degree stainless headers. 

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