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						Active Power 5 L Coyote Powered Zsr Gt Prototype 5

Lots Of Action At Active Power

Active Power is now nearing completion of its 5.0L Coyote-powered ZSR GT prototype, designed as a turnkey car under the new low-volume replica law. Operating with this new provision in mind, the company is now redirecting its focus on completed cars.

Active Power’s Chris Ardern feels the Coyote aluminum crate engine is the natural choice, given its light weight and output of 435 hp, along with variable valve timing for smooth driveability. “It’s a great deal for the money,” he says. It’s docile at idle but also delivers excellent top-end performance. The torque and horsepower are superb.”

He plans to offer it with either stock fuel injection or an optional Borla stack injection that adds 80hp more power but has a more traditional look. A Porsche 997 transaxle with a limited-slip differential comes standard. Other features of the GT40 replica include custom “bundle of snakes” exhaust headers, similar to original, plus a choice between Halibrand or BRM-style center-lock wheels.


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