Posted February 27, 2017

By Jeff Bruss

Photos Courtesy of Motostalgia

Motostalgia's Amelia Island auction features a handful of Speedster replicas among other interesting modern and vintage autos, but this Race Car Replicas (RCR) GT40 is definitely the showcase re-creation of the event. Chassis number 1083 was once owned by Brazilian racer and team owner Wilson Fittipaldi and now resides in Texas with a clear Texas title. If you need further proof of the car's Texas origins, you need only look at the front driver side fender where the Lone Star flag is adorned in decal form.

Done up in vintage racing red with white stripes and appropriate period vinyl decals, this 302-powered beast is said to be SCCA and SVRA race-ready. The car is both street-legal and track-ready. To prove it, it comes complete with a set of BRM Vintage wheels and Hoosier tires for track use. Further proof of track power is evident in the SVO Ford 302 with a dyno-tested 630 horsepower. A ZF 5-speed manual transmission pays homage to the original cars gearbox, though you will be shifting from the left hand seat, unlike the original right hand drive GTs. Four-wheel discs with adjustable bias from the cockpit will bring you to a screeching halt as needed.

The interior features a fire suppression system, 6-point roll cage, 200-mph speedo, and gauges capable of toggle-induced dual readings. My favorite feature is the vertically mounted tachometer staring you right through the 12 o'clock opening on the wheel. Letting you know front and center when that redline is fast approaching and might need some help finding a new gear to snarl in.

The auction estimate on this finely detailed and handcrafted replica GT40 is $135,000-$165,000. A "deluxe" kit from RCR will set you back somewhere in the $50,000 range and you’ll still need an engine and driveline, not to mention the labor to get it assembled. So the auction estimate on this nicely finished example seems reasonable. You can bid on this RCR GT40 replica and other cars at Motostalgia's March 11, 2017 auction at Amelia Island.

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