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						Shell Valley Imca Dirt Track Razor 3
Close Shave

Shell Valley's IMCA dirt-track racecar called the Razor.

While Shell Valley is known mostly for its Cobras and street rods, the company’s volume seller is actually an IMCA dirt-track racecar called the Razor. While not a beauty queen compared with Shell Valley’s other models, it sure looks like a real ball of fun for throttle steering around an oval. Most run 450hp to 800hp Chevy V-8s backed by either a three-speed manual or a Powerglide automatic. The chassis uses a 1 3/4-inch round-tube space frame that sells for $6150, which includes the cockpit and “deck” (basically a flat panel surrounding the cockpit) to keep out track debris. Body panels run about another $800, but Shell Valley’s Travis Roth says a lot of racers like to make their own. The underpinnings consist of a ’68 to ’72 Chevelle front stub and a Ford 9-inch. Gentlemen—and mostly regular guys too—start your engines!

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