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Forward Lift four-post lift

A four-post lift can be a great way to get your collector car inside the garage without banishing your wife’s car to the driveway. The EFP8 four-post lift from Forward Lift is designed to increase your garage space while providing the benefits of having your own lift. With 72 inches of lift and 68 inches of clearance, most vehicles can be parked underneath, adding a space to your garage, or simplifying repair work underneath your vehicle. The lift has an 8,000-pound capacity and is powered by a 1 hp motor that can be run off a standard North American outlet. The body of the lift is powder-coated and can be moved with an available caster wheel kit. Included drip trays protect vehicles stored underneath from any dripping, and a jack tray allows the upper vehicle to be jacked up, alleviating disadvantages associated with drive-on lifts. The lift measures 175.5 inches by 74 inches and has been certified by the Automotive Lift Institute.

812/273-7325 www.forwardlift.com

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