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						Fiberfab Banshee
Carport Find: Fiberfab Banshee

283 ci Fiberfab Banshee

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, eBay

Kit car companies were wildin’ out, so to speak, in the late 1960s and ’70s, building anything and everything that could be adapted to readily available OEM mechanicals that reflected popular cars and trends of the day. Mid-engine cars with gullwing doors, truck-like off-roaders based on air-cooled VWs and even VW-powered breadvans could all be had, and built at home with common hand tools! With looks that vaguely resembled Shelby’s Daytona Coupe, and wheelbases to fit popular MG, Austin-Healey and Triumph donors, Fiberfab’s Banshee offered homebuilders an X-rated version of the racy Le Mans machine they saw on TV for a budget price. With an alleged 12 units produced, the Banshee is one of Fiberfab’s rarest products, but we’ve happened across one here on eBay in great shape that the owner’s ready to cut loose for cheap.

I want to question if there were really only 12 Banshees produced, as you can find a significant amount of Banshee photos on the web. But I’m not about to start down that rabbit hole, and Fiberfab’s records on the subject are probably long gone by now. Either way, the Banshee is a rare and radical car, and I’m willing to bet that the one we’re looking at today is one of the best ones out there that’s not fully restored.

It’s based on an Austin-Healey chassis with a Chevrolet 283 ci small-block installed from a ’67 Chevelle. That engine made roughly 220 hp when new, but this one might be good for a few extra given the aluminum intake manifold and headers that can be seen in the photos. Despite sitting for a while, the owner states that the engine does start and run well, and he offers video proof of it as well. With a three-speed manual transmission, the lightweight car should move along quite well, and be trip to drive.

There’s clearly some work to be done in the arenas of paint and body, tuning and the interior, but the car’s not far off from being a drivable project. And as a side note, that rear glass is apparently pretty difficult to come by, so chalk that up as a bonus as well.

See the Fiberfab Banshee here on eBay.

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