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						Fiberfab Avenger12
Fiberfab Avenger GT

Fiberfab GT-12

By Dean Larson

The Fiberfab Avenger is a true staple of the VW-based component car era. It is believed that several thousand Avengers were sold in the 1960s and ‘70s thanks to an affordable price and easily sourced air-cooled donor cars. The more popular iteration, the Avenger GT-12, was based off a Volkswagen Beetle, while the less popular Avenger GT-15 was based on the Chevrolet Corvair. Both were designed to resemble the Ford GT40, and one can see the resemblance, especially when looking at the earliest GTs. Due to the immense production of Avenger bodies and VW donor cars (and the excellent corrosion resistance of fiberglass) the Avenger is a fairly common sight on the market. This Avenger GT-12 listed on eBay seems to stick out from the group, however. 

The seller describes this car as a true barn find, even though it’s been stored in a climate-controlled garage. Nonetheless, this Avenger was purchased from the original owner after 35 years of storage. To get the VW 1600cc engine running again, some basic maintenance was done and a new carburetor was added. To transform the look of the Avenger, the seller added a set of new wheels and tires and some lowering spindles in the front. These subtle touches work well with the burgundy paint to separate this Avenger from the rest.

While the interior might be showing its age, buyers don’t seem to mind as the current bid has jumped $1,000 over the last 24 hours to $3,900. The market for the Avenger seems to be around $5,000 for decent running examples, with exceptional cars asking $7,000. We would definitely consider this to be an exceptional example, and it seems like bidding is on pace to reach the top of the Avenger market. 

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