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Barn-Find Banshee

Barn Find Banshee

Barn find, just two simple words that can usually get me to click on a listing. Somehow it has much more appeal than an accurate description like non-running, rusty, dusty and covered in bird crap. While we brought you a Fiberfab Banshee project listing not long ago, this barn find was too good to keep to ourselves.

This dusty, rattle-can-bombed Banshee is overdue for some TLC. While someone cared for the Banshee enough to build it years ago, its clearly been mistreated in more recent years. As if banishing it to an old barn for more than a decade wasn’t enough, the Banshee appears to have been race-prepped by a pre-teen with rattle-can racing stripes and roundels, and electrical tape Xs on the headlights. (Just look at those paint runs above the license plate!) The Trans Am-esque taillights are also an unwelcomed touch and don’t fit the car as well as the stock Fiberfab options. 

As intended by Fiberfab, this Banshee is based on a 1960s Austin Healey chassis and still rides on the original wire wheels. The Healey’s engine was either missing or replaced, as a 2.3-liter Ford four-cylinder now resides under the hood. While the Ford engine (most likely sourced from a Pinto) was a low cost and durable engine, the Healey engine would have supplied 50 to 80 more horsepower than the Pinto (insert horse joke here).

Other than some easily correctable injustices, the car is a more solid foundation than many fiberglass projects of this vintage. The fiberglass appears to be in really nice shape and comes with all the glass except for the rear windshield. The Healey chassis also looks to be in decent order and its wire wheels look right on the Banshee. This would be a great project for any fiberglass fan and wouldn’t take much more than a light restoration and an Austin Healey driveline, with the final product being a rare 1 of 12 fiberclassic.

Find it here on eBay and be sure to refer to our last Banshee article for what little history is out there on this gullwinged Fiberfab.

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