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						Fiberfab Banshee 6

Fiberfab Banshee

By Dean Larson

Spring is a great time to pay a little extra attention to Craigslist and online auction sites to make sure you catch those spring cleaning specials. While it might still be February, and still very much winter here in Wisconsin, some fine garage gems are being listed online, making room for some sort of recreational equipment no doubt. This particular find is another rare fiberglass body from Fiberfab, the Banshee.

The sloping fenders and curved fastback roofline of the Fiberfab Banshee make it the most elegant of the company’s offerings in my opinion. From the side, the fastback roof, large rear window and rear spoiler are reminiscent of the Daytona Coupe. In fact, the whole design seems Daytona Coupe derived with notable changes to the door shape and nose.

The Banshee, later renamed the Caribee, was another design for use with MGA, Austin Healey 4 and 6, and Triumph TR-3 and 4 donor cars. Fiberfab advertised the Banshee as a performance-enhancing fix for rusted out and leaky old convertibles, an idea that resonates with us. As an added bonus for the Banshee, these convertible chassis would have extra strength built in for their lack of a roof. The Banshee/Caribee production numbers are a mystery, but some estimate that only 10 to 12 were produced.

This Banshee body offered for sale on eBay is definitely a project, but a great start to one. It looks like all the exterior panels are present and in decent condition. The seller does state that there is some warping near one of the door hinges that will have to be addressed before the gullwing door will shut. It looks like all new glass will have to be sourced for the project as the front windshield is cracked and none of the other glass is present. While the interior is sparsely equipped, a fantastic collection of classic gauges and switches are present inside. 

As with most of these incomplete fiberglass project cars, it’s hard to value this Banshee project. With two days remaining in the auction, there have not been any bids over the starting bid of $2,000. With the right buyer, donor car and wire wheels of course, this Banshee would be the envy of most any classic fiberglass enthusiast.

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