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Barn-Fresh Fiberfab Jamaican

TR4-based Fiberfab Jamaican

By Dean Larson

Photos: Seller, Facebook Marketplace

Looking at the exotic lines of the Fiberfab Jamaican I have to ask myself, why wasn’t this car more popular? The fiberglass body was sold for a variety of vehicles and instantly transformed an aging MG, Triumph or Austin-Healey into a stylish super coupe, with lines pulled from the Lamborghini Miura and other Italian exotics. But alas, few Jamaican and Jamaican IIs were sold in comparison to the more successful Avenger and Valkyrie GT40 replicas, and few survive today in good condition.

But it’s not rarity that drives my excitement over the Jamaican, as most of us are well aware that old fiberglass kits aren’t exactly bank accounts. It’s really the styling that I love, especially when the wire wheels are preserved from the Brit donor car, leading to car that’s comparatively understated against the flamboyant kits of the era. Finished to a high degree, I’d argue that the Jamaican is capable of transcending its genre, and becoming a more valuable collector.

That being said, the car we’re looking at today is probably a bit overpriced for its condition at $7,500, but its appearance on my local market in barn-find condition has grabbed my interest. Based on TR4 chassis with wire wheels and good windshields, all the important bits are there and in good condition. However many ancillary items are missing, or were potentially never installed, including the grill, door handles, headlights and taillights. The interior is also a bit on the “rough and functional” side, but I think the wood-rimmed wheel, gauges and complement of switches in the dash are potential positives.

There’s no doubt, the list would be quite long to get this Jamaican back up and running, but it’s a project I’d be seriously considering at a better price point. The bodywork looks to be in excellent condition, and the paint may even be serviceable. There’s no mention of mechanicals, but the wire wheels would be spot on with a new shade of paint.

See it here on Facebook Marketplace. **It appears that someone scooped up the Jamaican over the weekend, so the link is no longer active.**

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