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						Kellison Skeleton 2

A Kellison Skeleton

By Jeff Bruss

Offered out of Stewartstown, Pennsylvania via the York Craigslist, is an old Kellison J5 body sitting on what looks to be the correct Chevrolet Corvette donor chassis. Lacking doors, a hood and all of the glass, it's most definitely a project. Glass for the J5 is sourced from a 1948-1952 Studebaker and can be found online for a couple hundred bucks. That's where the easy work stops. What you won't most likely find are any doors or a hood.

Nicely finished examples of Kellison J5s rarely show up. When they do, you can expect them to be priced anywhere from the mid-teens all the way up into the forty or fifty thousand range. We last stumbled on a Kellison, an X300 model, about a month or so ago that turned up in Oregon for $11,500. This J5, listed as an "Austin" Martin kit car with absolutely no other information in the description, will certainly go unnoticed by any old Kellison Collectors who are searching under conventional search terminology. The $1,500 OBO price tag, along with the owner's obvious lack of knowing what they have, make this a tremendous opportunity to perhaps grab this classic Kellison for a few hundred bucks.

Given the lack of completeness, this fiberclassic would make a wicked drag car, or perhaps run it as a hoodless hot rod. The primary obstacle will be fabricating or locating the doors. Nearly every single piece of this car will have to be sourced or crafted, making it a very expensive and time-consuming project. However, when completed, there are very few classic fiberglass cars that turn heads like the smooth lines of a nicely done Kellison J5. Anyone out there have the time, patience and money to make this Kellison live again? If so, please keep us posted.

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