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Five Fun Replicas for Under Fifteen Grand

Fun Replicas for Budget Buyers

'33 Ford "Skeeter"

Charlie Burkhalter was a Georgia racing legend on the "Skeeter" circuit. Skeeters were early open-wheel racers – a frame, engine, seat and roll cage wrapped in the skin of an identifiable body like this one, a 1933 Ford. From Athens to the Cotton Bowl, Burkhalter would dominate in his #75 car. This car, although not in Charlie's signature gold color, pays homage. The fiberglass-bodied 1933 is powered by a vintage Ford flathead, just like Charlie's. Find this fun little toy offered for $15,000 on the Atlanta Craigslist.

Lotus 7

As long as you're in the Atlanta area you might want to check out this Lotus 7 replica. Assembled in 2009 and powered by a four-cylinder 2.0 liter Alfa Romeo powerplant, it looks to be in somewhat sorted, driving condition. The going rate for a simple Lotus 7 replica is around $9-$15,000 and this example fits right in that range. Also on the Atlanta Craigslist offered at $11,300 complete with manuals, build books and an extra set of wheels.

1923 Ford Model T

Located in Boston, this 1923 Ford T is kind of an oddity, yet still has my interest. Perhaps a bit disproportional, or maybe just suffering from some strange build choices – like drooping rectangular headlights, narrow rear wheels and a lack of any apparent doors. The car appears to be all steel, but the seller states it's a Spirit Industries car, which would make it a fiberglass example. It comes powered by a 350 with an automatic transmission and "all new parts" so the $12,500 asking price is probably far less than what's invested.

1930 Bugatti

Strap on your leather helmet and don the goggles. This 1930 Bugatti replica has the right look and price. You can save almost $10 million with this example versus a classic Type 41 or more than a half a million on a Type 35. Ringing in at only $8,900, your wallet wouldn't lose much and I'm certain the fun and driving experience far exceed the price. I'd try to jam something other than a VW powerplant in, which would only enhance the fun factor in this nicely done budget Bugatti.

1981 Kelmark GT

Are you a Ferrari-lover with a $5,500 budget? Yeah, that's a tough number to acquire anything with a prancing horse on the hood. Say hello to this 1981 Kelmark GT. Advertised as a Ferrari Dino replica, this fiberglass-bodied homebuild sits atop a 1974 Beetle frame. The VW engine has been bored to 1800cc and sends power (albeit probably not much) to the wheels via a rebuilt Beetle tranny. The seller states it runs perfectly and only needs a new shot of clearcoat to keep turning heads. I personally like the patina of the faded fiberglass. If you could lower the body by an inch or two I think it would also enhance the stance. I've got to say I wouldn't mind driving this car around for the summer at the seller's reasonable asking price.

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