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Perfectly Incomplete

Cobra replica is perfectly incomplete

Text by Dean Larson

Most would consider completion to be the best stage for a project vehicle, and it’s easy to understand why. Having free time back, appeasing your spouse, taking naps, getting the “Hey nice car, Dude” at your local gas station are all things that come with finishing your car. But what if completion wasn’t the only perfect stage of the build? Can incomplete be better than completion at times? With me or not, I’d argue this Cobra replica should avoid the paint booth and finishing details for a few years.

Offered for sale on San Francisco Bay Craigslist for $18,000 is this ’65 Cobra replica. The ad doesn’t list a manufacturer but it seems to be an older body or from a smaller manufacturer based on its full fiberglass interior compartment. The exterior wears a spotty primer gray finish with some exposed filler and fiberglass seams. Under the hood, a 351 Windsor has been stroked out to 406 cubic inches, bolted to a Toploader and powered by a wiring harness from Painless Performance. Ceramic-coated headers and side pipes stem from the drab bodywork for an interesting contrast. The Cobra rides on Mustang II front suspension and rear four-link setup with Wilwood brake components and Halibrand wheels.

The seller explains that the car does run and drive, but needs some work to be driven on the street. Altogether, the car lacks paint, wheel center caps, bumpers, and an interior. A light bar has also been used for the reverse lights, the scoop opening needs to be cut in and it’s missing some trim. The Cobra would definitely need the dash and interior finished, and the hood to be properly held down for road use, but all the other details strike me as a bit less necessary. All these things give this Cobra an aggressive, no-frills look that makes me want to get behind the wheel and drive like I stole it. And for just $18,000, this Cobra has to be one of the least expensive driving examples on the market.  

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