What is this “Cobra” Kit?

Posted March 08, 2017

By Dean Larson

While perusing nationwide classifieds ads today I came across this “Cobra-ish” roadster with some 60s and 70s flair. Listed here on Los Angeles Craigslist is a “Vintage Cobra kit car PROJECT” – a fitting title. We’re with the seller on this one; we can’t seem to scrape up anything on the origins of this kit. It’s definitely old, and most clues point to the late 60s-early 70s. It’s clear that the shape is Slabside-Cobra based, but it differs in many key ways. The car has a longer wheelbase, which would be necessary to accept the early 60s Corvette chassis and its extra 8 inches of wheelbase. The huge wheel arches and raised rear quarter panels are clear 60s-fiberglass touches and remind us of those found on the Kellison J2 and various Fiberfab cars. The nose of the car has a much lower height than a Cobra and the hood scoop is much longer. The rear end differs from the Slabside in pretty much every way and someone clearly had some “ambitious” plans for the taillights. 

Anyone crazy enough to be interested in this tired fiberglass roller will need to be resourceful, because what you see is what you get with this car - literally. There’s no engine, transmission, interior, trim, title or any identifying numbers to go with this car. While it needs pretty much everything and the body has an odd personality (and hold on, are the two doors even the same shape?), we think there is still potential in this ramshackle replica. The seller could be on to something with the photo they included of the old “Dragginsnake” Cobra, and there’s plenty of room in those wheel arches for a vintage drag build. There’s no script with this roadster and no wrong way to build it. Period correct fiberglass build with steelies and an old V8, straight–axle street freak with mag wheels and a tunnel ram… the possibilities are endless with this weathered yard ornament and we’d love to see someone make it happen.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any knowledge on the history of this fiberglass oddity and the listing can be seen here on Los Angeles Craigslist.

** Looks like the seller removed the ad at about 2:30 pm on 03/08/17. With a price of just $3,000, we figured someone would eventually bite on this unusual roadster.**

** A few fiberglass experts on our Facebook page and here in the comments have correctly identified this car as a Byers SR100. It looks like around 25 bodies were produced by the company's owner, Jim Byers, between 1956-57. Restored examples look great and are quite rare, and this car wouldn't be a bad restoration candidate.**

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