Swaying Slabside

Posted April 24, 2018

By Brad Bisnette

When it comes to Cobra Replicas I don’t have a heavy preference in the conversation of 289 vs. 427. I love both. However, any given day my preference could sway one way or another. Boats, cars, trucks even music is all the same for me. I had a Chevy at one point but that doesn’t mean my next truck will be a Chevy. I might decide to switch it up. If it is a well-built machine I’ll consider it. Much like I’m not just a country music guy or a Rock n’ Roll guy. I want my country music mixed in with a little Rock, some Metal, and while your at it throw in some Blues, Hip Hop and Reggae. Keep me on my toes. If it plays well, I’m in. Life’s too short to discount anything when we can just celebrate it all.

That being said this ERA Slabside currently up for auction on BringaTrailer.com has me leaning towards 289s … big time! The 289s present much sleeker in a lot of ways. It’s just the simplicity of them. Wire wheels with no sides pipes, roll hoops or hood scoops. The look of a 289 Cobra is just clean.

I haven’t had the chance personally to see a ton of ERA Cobra replicas in my life, but every single one that I have seen has been beautiful. This 289 here is no different. The black on black look is stunning. Through my experience, ERA’s craftsmanship in the replica community is spoken very highly of. I have had the pleasure of speaking with owner Peter Portante on a few occasions, and each time he has explained to me that ERA is a smaller company and his main objective is taking care of his customers. What more can you ask for? Wouldn’t it be nice if attention to detail and customer service were at the top of every company’s list?

This 289 on BaT is reported to be the first Slabside built after ERA finished their prototype development. Chassis ERA 3001 has only seen two owners in Florida and Tennessee, and those two owners have only managed to rack up 863 miles. The power plant is a date-coded 289ci Ford V8 hooked to a Galaxy T-10 4-speed manual transmission. With that low mileage you know this small block is hungry.   

At one point the bid on this Cobra more than doubled, jumping from $18,000 all the way to $40,000, and the current high bid sits at $41,000. But in many ways, the Slabside is a completely different animal that the 427-style cars, and you’ll see that reflected in the price. With the quality and agreeable nature of the build, and ERA’s strong reputation in the replica community, we’re guessing the seller’s reserve sits somewhere between $60,000 and $75,000. There’s 5 days left on the auction now so check it out here while you still can.

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