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						Fia Spec Continuation 6
FIA-Spec’d Cobra Continuation

Shelby American FIA Continuation

We saw someone get a great deal on this Superformance Cobra last week on BaT auctions, so we thought we’d bring you this Shelby continuation Cobra today, in hopes that someone will score the next good deal. And also, it’s just damn good to look at.

To each his own, but if I were to own a Cobra, I’d absolutely have an FIA car like this one. Built for the FIA World Manufacturers Championship, FIA Cobras are filled with unique features and subtleties that separate them from the standard 289 Cobra. On the exterior, you’ll notice the FIA-style wheels, roll bar, and revised door profile. Another unique feature is the protrusions in the trunk lid, formed to fit the FIA mandated suitcase. 

As a Shelby continuation Cobra, you’d expect these features to be present, but the FIA Cobra gets it right under the skin also. Unlike the monster 427 Cobras, FIA cars retained the standard 3-inch round tube frame and transverse front leaf spring up front, both present here in the chassis of CSX 7024. However, if you’re into splitting hairs, a couple complaints can be made. Instead of the optional aluminum body, this car uses a standard fiberglass body like most Cobra replicas. It also seems like the builder opted for a Ford 302, bored and stroked out to 347 ci over the correct 289.

We’re not expecting this Cobra to sell at nearly the same bargain as the previous Superformance, not with a Shelby CSX VIN attached and that striking paint-scheme. Based on another Shelby continuation we saw sell on BaT in December for $115,000, were assuming this car will probably sell around $100,000. This FIA car is certainly more attractive in every way, but with 8,000+ miles on the clock, it’s not as fresh as the $115K car. The current bid sits at $59,000 with 5 days remaining in the auction, but don’t be surprised if that figure gains a digit in the final hours.

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