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Shelby Cobra Street 289

In the beginning there was an idea, take a small roadster with a small engine and fit a large V8 into it, simple enough. The AC Ace and 260 cubic inch Ford V8 proved the concept and America’s greatest roadster was off and running. After just 75 260 Cobras escaped the factory doors, the standard power plant was upgraded to Ford HiPo, or K code, 289. This hotter version of the 289 received a drastically higher compression ratio, re-worked valvetrain, more aggressive timing, a stouter bottom end and larger 595 CFM carburetor. Good for 271 hp and 312 foot pounds of torque, the HiPo engine helped make the MkI 289 Cobra virtually unbeatable. In USRRC racing, the 289 Cobra only lost one race in three years. Only 51 MkI Cobras were produced with the HiPo 289, making them a rare find, so when a Slabside replica comes on the market claiming to have a legitimate Cobra HiPo, there are a few questions to ask. 

Offered for sale on eBay is a Shelby CSX8000 series Cobra with an authentic K code 289. The seller claims that engine originally powered a 1963 CSX2000 series Cobra and retains many original HiPo goodies. The rest of the roadster was also anointed with authentic performance parts such as an original shifter and scatter shield, and original style Smiths gauges, Raydot mirror, and brass expansion tank. Built by Period 13 Cobras, a Shelby affiliate, it’s safe to say that no expense was spared on this build. The Cobra also has just 43 miles on the clock since completion.

With this many authentic details in the build, it’s safe to say that this Slabside won’t come at a steal, probably north of $100,000.

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