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						Era 289 Slabside Cobra Replica 7

ERA Cobra

As Told by Marilyn Waters

Photos by Steve Temple

My husband built a 1965 Cobra 427 replica from ERA back in 2008 and I loved it. The speed, the heat, the vibration, the smell—all of it. And I wanted to be a part of it, getting behind the wheel for more than a photo op. But when I asked him, “When can I drive it?” the answer was usually an emphatic , “No.” Except for once when he said, “I’d rather buy you your own than let you drive mine.” 

Sweeter words were never spoken!

At our first Carlisle Import and Kit Car Show in 2010, we saw ERA’s prototype of the 289 Slabside, and I loved it. It was a perfect fit for me. We did some online research and found a picture of an original up for sale and what I thought was the most beautiful car ever. So we decided to model it after that car. (I believe it was CSX 2541.)

It is rather understated, Mercedes Arctic White with a red leather interior, like a perfect little British sports car  but with a throaty little purr and one heck of a kick! The engine is a 289, stroked to 331 cubic inches by Danbury Competition Engine, fitted with Edelbrock heads, so it’s good for 409 horses. It’s backed by a Tremec TKO 600 trannie, and rolls on 6”x15” Dayton Wire Wheels with Firestone 1” whitewalls. The mid-‘80s Jag rearend has double adjustable dampers with Spax shocks.

Finally out of the passenger seat, and in the heated driver’s seat, I love being able to drive on long cruises, playing cat and mouse with my husband in his car. The smile on my face gets wider as I press the gas pedal to the floor.

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