SEMA Script ’18

Posted December 12, 2018

The SEMA Show is both a photographer's dream and nightmare wrapped in one. On one hand, the place is jam packed with people at all times, and it's like pulling teeth to get a shot — especially of one of the many high-profile builds. The lighting also presents numerous challenges and everything in the backdrop is moving at all times. But if you can conquer those obstacles, the SEMA Show is packed with fantastic cars that are dripping with charismatic details. From gold-leafed gasser names, to masterful air brushing, and just plain excellent execution of classic OEM badges, there's a feast for the eyes in nearly every display.

There were several cars that stuck out to me this year for their brilliant badges and script. The 1957 Chevrolet 210 sedan titled "Cherry Bomb" was a real work of art with hidden details everywhere. Aside from the 12 pounds of flake embedded in the paint, the tri-five was covered in sponsor decals and custom artwork that was all brushed by hand. Take a second look at that COMP CAMS logo, see the brush marks?

I'll catch some flak for this one for sure, but another standout for me was the 1965 Plymouth Belvedere II displayed in the Mopar booth. The 392-ci HEMI didn't do much for me (I'd rather see a rare built-up Poly-head 318 or 426-ci Street Wedge), but the car's stock ’65 badges popped against its red finish. If that car had been a post sedan, I would have never left the display.

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