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Posted November 13, 2018

Photos by Dean Larson and Jeff Bruss

Admittedly, you’re more comfortable with a seat belt and four wheels, but surely there’s no harm in admiring these two-wheeled beauties from afar. With chrome, metalflake paint, pinstripes and knobby tires, the bikes at the SEMA Show are just as wild and diverse as their four-wheeled counterparts. As a side note, it's interesting to see SEMA's gray-area relationship with bikes, as the show embraces trucks, cars, SUVs and even side-by-side UTVs, but has no dedicated bike classes. (SEMA announced finalists for powersports vehicle of the year, but all were four wheeled)

We found plenty of custom and vintage bikes to oogle over this year, including some wild Harley Davidsons, a BSA, Ducati and a heavily modified Yamaha RD400 in the K&N booth. There weren't many OEMs on display as far as bikes go, but Honda did display a nice assortment of 2019 models, including the 1,000cc Africa twin, 125cc Monkey and my personal favorite, the long-awaited CRF450L dual sport bike.

If you or someone you know would like to purchase your online editor a CRF450L, please email me at

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