Interiors of SEMA ’18

Posted January 03, 2019

By Dean Larson

With hundreds of the best custom vehicles on display every year, you're bound to see every conceivable interior type at the SEMA Show. Every year we find more than a few interiors we love, and also a fair few we couldn't live with. Some of our favorites this year include the bare-bones race interior from TreadWear's Scraptona shown above, and a brilliantly executed ’32 Ford interior shown in the second gallery. Shown in the gallery below, is two-tone tan and beige interior with quilted leather stitching. Believe it or not, that's actually the inside of a Bocar XP-5 recreation. Think Bob Carnes ever expected to see such appointments in one of his fiberglass race cars back in the late ’50s?

Other standouts were a traditional E30 M3 BMW in the CRC booth, brilliant leather and wood treatments in an FFR ’33 Hot Rod, and Doug Campbell's reimagined Future GT Forty. We also spent a few minutes with the guys from FormaCars, who showed us their innovative interior components, most of which are 3D printed.

Have an interesting interior of your own (automotive in nature of course)? Feel free to email me at

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