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						Ssbc 15 Inch
Stopping spree

SSBC Brakes for 15 inch wheels

Many replicas have been upgraded with higher-horsepower engines than found on the original car, but the wheels are still traditional 15-inchers. So when you have a hot-blooded beast under the hood and yet run small rims, what about your brakes? SSBC has developed a caliper that delivers that “whoa” and still fit in 15- by 7-inch wheels. Eight large stainless steel pistons are used to put maximum clamping pressure behind a C5 Corvette pad. Modern pad material — with massive clamping — controls stopping power. SSBC uses 11.8- by 1.25-inch-thick rotors to handle heat dissipation. With simple instructions and all hardware included, installation can be done in just a few hours.

716/407-0113  |  www.ssbrakes.com

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