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						Wilwood Brake And Clutch Pedal2
Wilwood Tandem Brake and Clutch Assembly

Single pushrod hydraulic tandem brake and clutch assembly

The new tandem brake and clutch pedal assembly from Wilwood Engineering simplifies the installation of pedals and master cylinders in vehicles equipped with a hydraulic clutch. A single pedal bracket is used with two reinforced aluminum pedal arms and adjustable stainless steel foot pads. The brake pedal uses common horizontal flange, single pushrod master cylinders with 3.25-inch bolt spacing, while the clutch pedal uses vertical flange clutch cylinders with 2.25-inch bolt spacing. The assembly is available with 6.25:1 or 7.00:1 ratios, and optional master cylinders and proportioning valves can be included.

Wilwood Engineering


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