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Refining the ’35 Hot Rod Truck

FFR adds fenders, a hood and a full cage to the Hot Rod Truck

We were pretty stoked when we first saw Factory Five’s new ’35 Hot Rod Truck in person at the 2017 SEMA Show. The build was professional, and presented as a nicely finished traditional hot rod truck. But like all new products and beta builds, FFR had some refinements and additions in mind that coming to life right now at FFR’s Massachusetts facility.

Sema 2017 B11

As a stripped-down hot rod, the beta truck we saw at SEMA didn’t have fenders or any hood panels. It worked for the truck, and showed off the tubular chassis, but we’re really digging the look of FFR’s new fenders and hood panels. The hood and engine side-covers are sleek, and should give builders more appearance options for finishing their trucks. The fenders are also slick, giving the truck a more reserved look, and nicely disguising the rigid chassis and modern suspension. Ingress and egress have also been improved by incorporating a drop-down cut-away in the interior, and structural running boards on the exterior. Factory Five also designed a full roll cage for the interior and designed new footboxes for increased interior space.

We were sold on the stripped-down version earlier, but seeing this full-fendered body in all black could change our minds. Can you say new RCN shop truck?

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