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						Ffrs Free Wheel And Tire Special

FFR’s Free Wheel-and-Tire Special

Factory Five Racing’s prez Dave Smith admits that he might be getting a touch of cabin fever from the long, cold winter. Or maybe he’s got a case of Spring fever instead. Either way, he’d like to make it easier for more people to get started building their own Factory Fives projects before Summer, so he’s rolling out one of the coolest (or hottest?) specials the company has ever offered!

Order either a MK4 Roadster or Type 65 Coupe, and get a free set of wheels and tires. FFR has put together 10 sets of its best-selling 17″ Halibrand Wheels (17″x 9″ front and 17″x 10.5″ rear) with some serious performance rubber, mounted, balanced, and sent to you ready to bolt onto your chassis.       

As any car enthusiast can attest, there’s something magical about brand-new aluminum wheels and that smell of fresh tires. But even more enticing is the idea of getting more than $2,000 worth of fun as well, and with this special you don’t have to go to the trouble of bringing your wheels to you local tire shop for mounting and balancing. FFR has only 10 sets available to the first customers to place orders, so don’t wait until the snow melts!

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