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Darth Coupe

Factory Five’s 818 coupe

With a look as ominous as an evil warlord, Factory Five’s 818 newest model is an all-new coupe version. This design joins the 818S race model. The design is based on the 818 chassis, but incorporates a new removable hard top with an interior bulkhead, power side windows, rear glass hatch and rear glass quarter windows. All three models now come with the newly revised front end which includes new fenders, 3D-printed headlamp bucket, revised headlight design, nose, and grille.

The 818 is designed for a global marketplace, as the donor car is the widely popular 2002- 2007 Subaru Impreza (except STI). The unique layout of the Impreza allows for the entire engine and transaxle unit to be moved to the rear of the car and used to drive the rear wheels with a simple locking collar installed in place of the center differential. It comes in right or left-hand drive configurations, and uses components that are readily available around the world.

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