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						Rpm Buys Exos 2
Rebel Performance Machines Buys Proven Exo Designs

Rebel Performance Machines buys R1, Hayabusa and Ford-powered Exos

Photos courtesy of Dove Racing

Rebel Performance Machines has announced the purchase of the world-wide design and manufacturing rights from Exo Sports Cars for the three-wheeled Yamaha R1-powered tR1ke, and the Suzuki Hyabusa-powered Triabusa kit cars. This purchase also includes the four-wheeled, Suzuki Hyabusa-powered Exobusa and Ford powered-Exotech kits.

Rebel Performance Machines, based in Cambridgeshire in the United Kingdom, seeks to provide customizable, high-quality builder kits coupled with detailed build manuals to ensure an enjoyable process for kit builders.

Dove Racing LLC, based near Dallas, Texas, has been building and selling these kits in the U.S. since 2009 as the exclusive representation for Exo Sports Cars. The company will now exclusively represent Rebel Performance Machines in the importation and sale of these kits in the U.S. Dove will continue to import and sell the SVE Rocket Classic and Rocket 2 kit cars as well.

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