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Atomic Blast

Dove Racing “The MEV Atomic is completed!”

Pete Dove of Dove Racing tells us that, “The MEV Atomic from BMW hell is finally completed!” But not without having to overcome some hurdles. He notes that the original BMW K1200 R donor bike was very technically advanced when manufactured in 2006. It had a sophisticated Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA) that together with a complicated ABS system gave a sort of traction control. Both these systems were controlled by computers that were linked together with a central Chassis Control System (CCU), Engine Management System (EMS), and instrument cluster computer through a can-bus system. To complicate matters further, the CCU substituted for a conventional fuse/relay circuit buffering system, all performed electronically within the unit. 

Obviously Dove did not need the ESA or ABS systems because they were designed for a two-wheel bike, not a four-wheeled car. However, because of the can-bus system it was necessary that all the computers (including the instrument cluster) be retained and hooked together in the wiring circuitry, although the relevant sensors were not attached. 

Also, the bike was equipped with a complicated Electronic Immobilizer Loop Antenna and Anti-Theft System (requiring that the original bike ignition switch, key and transducer to be used). After obtaining wiring diagrams from BMW in Germany (with all the wiring colors being in German) and with some help from European Cycles located in Plano, TX, Dove was able to figure out how to defeat the can-bus system and get the engine started. In addition, he installed a completely separate conventional fuse/relay wiring system, along with a reverse option through a high torque motor that engages a gear in the drivetrain (at the SCS gearbox). 

Other challenges included plumbing the oil, fuel and cooling systems. Given these hurdles, Dove admits that working with the Yamaha YZK R1 or Suzuki GS1300 Hyabusa motors is much simpler. Even so, with a BMW, “The thing is lethally fast,” he says. 

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