Ariel Atom has announced a limited run of 10 units of their new 3R 2.0. The (very) limited run is available in North America-only with a starting price of $79,900.

The nearly $80,000 MSRP grabs you a 2.0 liter supercharged Honda that cranks out 300 hp. The high-revving Honda is mated to a six-speed manual with limited slip that surely brings this lightweight road racer to exhilarating levels of acceleration. To slow the 3R down, it comes with standard four-piston Wilwood brakes with performance pads. Traction comes from Toyo R888 205/50/15 fronts and 245/45/17 grippers in the rear that talk to the road through an adjustable suspension.

Aesthetically this rare Atom is wrapped in visible hand-laid carbon-fiber panels with deep clear coat, as are the wheel covers and instrument cluster. The signature Arial exoskeleton is finished in black metallic. Six-point harnesses will keep you glued to the composite seats while cornering, and just in case you get a little too frisky, Ariel offers a roll bar as a $990 option. The Ariel Atom 3R 2.0 is available for pre-order now.