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						Dove Racing Bmw Powered Mev Atomic 1
Dove Racing Spreads Its Wings

Dove Racing converts MEV Atomic to left-hand drive

We hear from Pete Dove of Dove Racing that he’s working on a left-hand drive, BMW-powered MEV Atomic. “This whole project has produced some really interesting engineering and fabrication challenges,” he admits. Even so, if there is interest in the US, he’s now capable of duplicating and/or assisting customers to do so as well.

The build started with a base Road Track MEV Atomic kit, converted to left-hand-drive. The right-hand-drive MEV Atomic kits built to date use a Yamaha YZK R1 drivetrain, but this cannot be used in LHD configuration. Instead, a shaft-driven 2006 BMW K1200R super bike was chosen to be used as a donor. A custom-designed gear transfer case (engineered by SCS Gearboxes), provides correct rotation of the rear wheels and aligns the transmission output shaft through a custom-made drive shaft. This gearbox was designed to include an electric reverse option. 

The drivetrain, fuel and cooling systems are now installed. The custom-built aluminum fuel tank holds seven gallons and is fitted with the original BMW fuel pump and level monitoring system. The braking system is completed with Wilwood Powerlite 4-pot calipers coupled with 11-inch drilled and slotted rotors installed in front, and Ford Focus SVT calipers and 11-inch rotors installed at the rear.

The differential and drive shafts are sourced from a BMW 3 series. The custom 2.5-inch stainless steel exhaust system has been heat wrapped within the car and fitted with twin Borla Bullet racing mufflers. Thermo Wrap insulation is installed inside the engine compartment as well. This, coupled with the engine cover louvers, should control heat, Dove points out.

The lighting and wiring systems remain to be completed, as well as the engine management system and windscreen. Noting the 180 horses and 165 lb/ft of torque that the BMW bike engine delivers, coupled with a six-speed sequential tranny, Dove says, “This 850-pound hot rod should really scoot. This is the only left -hand-drive MEV Atomic in the world and the only one fitted with a BMW bike engine. Talk about unique!”  

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