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RCN Cover Car for Auction

Scarbo SVF1 to be auctioned at Mecum

By Dean Larson 

Back in April of last year, we introduced you to our friend Joe Scarbo and his wonderfully recreated ’60s Formula 1 car, the SVF1. Joe, a chassis engineer by trade, is well versed in 3-D modeling and testing of custom parts. He has a sizable portfolio of competition parts and systems he’s designed for customers, but the SVF1 was a personal project.

“I have been obsessed with this era of F1 since I was a child, and wanted to build a car that was a tribute to all of those cars, and that was practical to own and race.”

First and foremost, the SVF1 had to have the look and feel of an F1 racer, and Joe felt that the wheels and tires were crucial to that. After acquiring four forged-aluminum, 15-inch diameter wheels and Avon tires, Joe created a 3-D model with these wheels in the footprint of a ’60s F1 car. He then overlaid a cross section of the classic F1 body shape he had in mind, which provided the parameters for his chassis design. Heavy use of triangulation kept Joe’s chassis rigid on the track and allows his suspension function exactly as designed. That custom suspension consists of rocker arms and coilovers up front, and twin radius arms, reversed lower wishbones and coilovers in the rear.

Joe’s engine choice for the SVF1 reflects the practicality of ownership that he sought to design into the project. Instead of a complicated V12 or any other exotic setups, Joe selected a tried, true and widely available GM LS3. By adding on Hilborn EFI and a bundle-of-snakes-style exhaust system, the 425 hp LS was backdated a bit, and looks at home in the open wheel racer. Connected by a custom adapter, a five-speed Porsche Boxer transaxle directs power the pavement.

The finished product weighs a scant 1,280 pounds and has been raced in both SVRA and HMSA competition. It’s quite competitive also, having beaten the McLaren P1’s track time at the Thermal Club by a half-second.

SVF1 001-P is Joe’s prototype of just two SVF1’s built and will cross the block at Mecum’s Monterey auction Friday, August 24. Mecum’s auctioneers estimate the car will sell for $105,000 to $135,000.

Click here for the full print feature on the Scarbo SVF1.

For more details on lot F75, check out Mecum.com.


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